About Tillyard



Tillyard is a world-wide, multi-disciplinary consulting practice that provides specialized services in matters of real estate, property management, and construction.

With a history that began over 50 years ago, Tillyard has kept pace with the world’s changing markets and technologies. This has allowed us to provide knowledgeable, professional services to our clients on both local and international levels. Our clients include major institutions such as public and private pension funds, insurance companies, international banking organisations, and private investors.

Tillyard Management Inc. specialises in Property Management, Asset Management, and Project Management. Our skilled Property Managers are able to maintain and improve the value of property assets during their life cycles by managing risk, monitoring and controlling expenses, and keeping properties on track with their owners’ long-term objectives. When we can, our maintenance plans are designed along sustainability programs that follow BOMA BESt® Canadian industry standards, and we have in fact achieved the BOMA BESt® Level 2 designation at the Harbour Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.

Our Asset Management strategies have enabled us to foster excellent, long-term working relationships with our investment partners from the point of a property’s acquisition to its divestment. Our team of experienced professionals use market research and analysis to recommend investments that are tailored to our clients’ specific goals.

From concept to completion, our seasoned Project Managers skillfully customise strategies for the refurbishment of existing properties or the construction of new assets. We provide feasibility studies, site appraisals and more, and we offer a full range of services through our close ties to reliable contractors and vendors.

Our Canadian offices are located in Toronto, Calgary and Victoria. Our Toronto office services the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, from Brantford in the west to Bowmanville in the east.

We worry about the details so that you don’t have to.